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Sunday, September 11, 2011


We had our first week of school this past week. I, along with the other teachers, think it went extremely well. We worked very hard but I only have praise and thanks for the Father. The students had a great amount of motivation and worked very hard themselves. We had numerous opportunities to help the students individually during the day in a lot of different subjects.  We also provide time in the evenings, about two hours or so, in which we provide homework help. This is probably the best time as it is less structured and generally more personal. There is a lot of excitement among the teachers for the coming weeks and months. Please pray with us for these students and their motivation and discipline. Also, please pray for us and the rest of the teachers. After observing all the volunteers work in their respective classrooms it’s amazing to see how God placed each one where He did. It seems as though each teacher is suited perfect for their classrooms.

Anna has had a good week, she floats around the school in different classrooms during the morning and early afternoon. Then from one to four she watches over the night school students. This is a program for those individuals slightly older than regular school age that are given an opportunity to complete school. That program resumes in the evenings from six to nine, Anna helps then also on some nights. Anna has enjoyed this time, she has began making flash cards and studying Creole with this time.

David is enjoying his time in the school and getting to know the kids. He also is enjoying getting to bring God’s word to some students each morning during a devotion time. On Wednesday the school has chapel which includes some singing and a message from God brought by a teacher. David was blessed with the opportunity to bring the word on this Wednesday, which was Isaiah 6.

There are many things going on during the week and we are enjoying our opportunities to be used by God in each of these. Thank you for your faithful prayers and please continue.

Let us share a word with you that God gave us Saturday morning. Isaiah 53:10a “Yet it was the will of the Lord to crush Him”. This verse comes near the end of the prophetic passage of the suffering servant in which it is foretold that Jesus would die on the cross. I am certain that this is nothing new to most, if not all of you. It was a good reminder for me that God made a conscious decision to “crush” His only son for me and for you. He didn’t let it happen, He ordained it to happen. He didn’t just die, He was crushed. 

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