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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Brief bio

For those who don't know us (or for those who do and didn't know this) we want to introduce ourselves.
After some rather dramatic events in our lives God led us to marry each other May 10, 2008. Maybe one day one of us will get around to posting that story. It's a good one. But too long for me to type right now. To make a long story short, God used rain to prove to David he wanted us to marry. A few years later, while standing in the middle of a cemetary, God used rain to confirm his presence with David. Since God has used rain to show us himself in a clearer light David came up with the awesome title for this blog.

David: Accountant by degree. Teacher by God's appointment. David is an incredible teacher to youth and adults. But more than that he's an amazing father and husband! I honestly don't think I could have imagined more. He loves the Lord our God with all his heart, mind a spirit. Next, he strives to love me the way Jesus loves the church. And last, our kids think he's a super hero.

Anna: I don't really know what I am by degree or God's appointment! I have an odd degree that has lead me to work in agriculture, with children, and with politics! I try to just go with the flow but every now and then God puts a kink in my plans. :) Which always works out better than expected if I'll just let Him do His thing. I am a proud mother of the two most beautiful kids on the planet.

Luke: A 2 year old boy full love adventure and animation! He has the most dramatice expressions you'll ever see in a kid. His thing these days is to ride in or on anything that moves, especially a lawn mower or tractor. Not sure what he'll want to ride in Haiti but I'm sure he'll find something to climb on. He also has te sweetest heart and blonde curly hair and big blue eyes to go with it.  This kids steals the heart of everyone he meets. Seriously.

Abigail: Our 6 month old fire cracker. This red head is laid back and content as long as things are going her way! And when they're not she'll be sure to let you know. However, when she smiles it will light up your world and her laugh is America's 8th wonder. It looks so effortless, she won't even move but sweetest, the most amazing laugh will come out of this little drool box!

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