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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Preparing a place

David has gone with a group to Haiti this week. Along with the mission work the group is doing he will be preparing a home for us.  While he’s off enjoying himself (sure, there’s probably a little hard work being done in above 100 degree temperature) I’m waiting to fro the next mini-catastrophe. He flew out Sunday Within hours of our last phone call I was so sick I didn’t think I was going to survive til morning. If you know me, I really never ask anyone to take my kids. I love every moment with them so people usually have to beg to take them. Well, I felt so awful I would have begged someone to take them (of course I didn’t have to). So I went home to crash. As soon as I was just getting to sleep good, I was awoken by a man in a paramedic uniform. My first thought was, really, I’m not dying! Then I realized it was just Matt, my brother. Mom had sent him to check on me.  As aggrevating as that can be, I’m going to miss the closeness of my family while I’m gone. (Did I mention that my aunt and cousin were there too) Apparently, getting sick is a family affair :)

I finally got some sleep and was feeling a little better so I decided to try going to church. Everything was fine and we were about to head home when Maggie, my cousin, came running in holding Luke and said, “Look at his head!” To try to sum up this one day’s events, we were now headed to the ER. Luke has fell into a door frame and had a golf ball sized goose egg. Literally. It was huge.

As I went to bed all I could think was Lord, please don’t let my whole week be like this!

We survived Monday and so far Tuesday. Got a text from David saying they are all good and it’s feeling like home down there. Kristi sent word that it’s not as bad as one would expect. David said that compared to the rest of Haiti, Canaan is an oasis. Can’t wait to see for myself!

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