"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose." -Jim Elliot

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Satan is in the little details

I believe Anna and I are under a full assault from satan (by the way, I will never capitalize his name, just can't bring myself to do it).

We have experienced the body being stricken. Unexpected doubts and questions. And now little details that don't go as planned or desired. The specifics of what, when, where, and how are not important.

It is just crazy to me of all the types of fiery darts he throws (or shoots) at people. It really emphasis putting on the armor of God and the need for prayer. Interesting that Anna and I are thinking about this now. It was just three weeks ago that she was sitting in Dr. Weeks office. Dr. Weeks grew up on the mission field and saw the highs and the lows. She gave Anna what she said was the most important advice, to "daily put on the armor of God". And to think we didn't adhere. We have prayed more recently, but no where near what we need to be doing. I mean think about it, she was in the trenches from many years and that's the greatest piece of advice she gives.

We will do just that. Pray for us and with us please. We remain on course to depart for Haiti three weeks from Monday. There is much preparation to be made. We will buy some stuff here and there but He does the real preparation. He doesn't call the prepared. He prepares the called.

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  1. I have shared with Anna that the greatest need is prayer and she and I have had many discussions concerning that. I fully believe that God WILL supply all our needs just as He will supply whatever you need to remain in His will and do His bidding.

    I am praying for this giant leap of faith. I'm praying for a family that I love deeply and greatly. A family whose absence will grieve my flesh but will swell my heart. I have no doubt that all things that have attempted to stand in the way of this huge new job in the Kingdom have been a chance for you to laugh in the face of the evil one. To stand solidly on the Word that never faileth. To push toward the mark. The refining will result in a stronger testimony in Haiti. In the airport. In the cab. In the grocery store. In your own home. I am humbled by the faith and resolve you both exhibit. Do I want to tuck you into a closet and refuse to let you board that plane? Oh yes I do but at what cost? I dare not stand in the way of my Father's work.

    Godspeed my sweet loved ones. I am praying. I unite with you in daily, ferverent prayer. I'm excited about what God is doing through you and for you and for the blessings that will fall onto those precious babies.

    I love you more than words will express.



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