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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Update on Anna and the middle of God's will

Here it is Saturday afternoon and there is much to say.

Regarding Anna's condition related to the Pseudotumor Cerebri. Anna has been without head and neck pressure for three days which was one of the major problems. Anna has also experienced vision improvements, vision being the other major problem. For much of the morning Anna could see almost normal with the exception of the peripheral vision. Please join with us in praising the Father for this improvement and continue to pray for full restoration.

Anna had a doctor's appointment with the neurologist on Thursday and he looked at her eyes and noted an improvement. He also commented on the spinal tap that she had on Wednesday of this week, he said that the pressure that they measured when they punctured her spinal cord was at the high end of the acceptable range. That is a great thing meaning the pressure in her brain had subsided. All in all, we believe he saw improvement, couple that with what we've seen through today is exciting.

Regarding the middle of God's will, with Anna doing better and us confident in the Lord and trusting Him, something else has been thrown at us. Anna has a terrible spinal tap headache. She also has a cold and sinus problems. Then to top it all off, I was awoken about four o'clock this morning to Anna throwing up from the bed. It's almost like satan said (assuming the origin of this is satan) well you didn't fall when I sent the Pseudotumor Cerebri so here is this, this, and this. Anna and quickly recognized what was going on and read scripture and prayed, and then there was a great peace.

We are thankful that God is using us and pray for the strength to get through this temptation / trial. We are also very thankful for the prayers of the saints.

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